LAUNDERETTE in Wrocław Zakładowa 9AA

Price list

Loyalty Card

50.00 PLN - 30.00 PLN to use

By choosing a Loyalty Card you get a unique comfort of using our payment system.

The card saves time. There is no need to have cash or credit card. The card can be used by a third party. It also allows you to wash more for less!

The card does not have any time limit. The card can be bought at the payment machine in the laundry room.

The card can only be used in our laundry.

Benefits of having a Loyalty Card:
recharge card by 100.00 PLN - you will receive 10% more funds on the card

Caution! The Loyalty Card can be bought only by cash.

Partnership program

If you are an owner of a gym, hotel, apartment or any other facility, and are interested in cooperation, please contact us!
The terms of cooperation and the discounts are discussed individually.

Washing machines

6.5kg - 16.00 PLN* / 18.00 PLN

8kg - 18.00 PLN* / 20.00 PLN

14kg - 28.00 PLN* / 31.00 PLN


15kg - 8.00 PLN* / 9.00 PLN / 15 min


Washing powder and fabric softener - 4.00 PLN* / 5.00 PLN

* - Price with the Loyalty Card


You can pay by card, or in cash (banknotes and coins).
Caution! The payment machine gives the change only in coins.