LAUNDERETTE in Wrocław Zakładowa 9AA



We wash in water (so-called wet washing) - it is the most fabric-friendly process. It is also good for the environment!
Our fast machines will help you save time - the average cycle of washing and drying takes only 1h!

Speed Queen washing machines are industrial. Thanks to the professional drums and washing programs they are very fast and provide great quality every time.

* The entire washing and drying cycle takes about 1 hour (does not apply to washing at 60 and 90 degrees).

Caution! It is strictly prohibited to wash: animal accessories, fabrics with animal hair, fabrics with any kind of lubricants.


We dry without creases and without shrinking - however, remember to load the dryer halfway and choose a drying temperature similar or 10 degrees higher than the washing temperature.

Speed Queen dryers are innovative thanks to the heat pump technology. They dry gently without crumpling and without damaging the fabrics.

Caution! Dryers do not spin laundry. Only a well-centrifuged laundry should be put in the dryer.


The powder and softener available in the laundry are a set of professional detergents used in hotel and hospital laundries.

The washing powder is made on the basis of baking soda and soap - it has no fragrance, thanks to which it does not cause allergies. The rinse liquid is characterized by an intense, pleasant and long-lasting fragrance and an intelligent formula that activates whilst moving and rubbing the fabric.

Caution! You can use your own detergents.

How to use our launderette?

Tips before washing:

  1. Make sure the pockets of clothes are empty. Secure zips, buttons, hooks and velcro.
  2. Do not put clothes soiled with mud, clay, glue, plaster etc. in the washing machine.
  3. Do not overload the washing machine.
  4. Do not slam the door.

To buy detergent and softener:

  1. Select 1 on payment system.
  2. Pay.
  3. Place the cups.
  4. Press the buttons on the detergent machine.

To wash the laundry:

  1. Put the laundry into the washing machine and close the door.
  2. Select the desired program using the arrow keys up / down.
  3. Put the powder and liquid to the right compartments. They are located in the upper part of the machine.
  4. Make a payment in the payment panel.
  5. Press the green START button on the panel of the washing machine.

To dry the laundry:

  1. Put the laundry to the selected dryer and close the door.
  2. Select the drying temperature.
  3. Select the drying time and make payment on the payment panel.
  4. Press the START button on the panel of the dryer.


  1. - prewash powder.
  2. - washing detergent.
  3. - liquid detergent for the main wash.
  4. - fabric softener.